Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Been using TarGard since 1965!

Sometimes it's just better to hear about it from those affected by it....

"I am so pleased to see your Targard products still exist. I just ordered 3 permanent filters for my daughter. I would like people to know that my mother who is 96 started using your permanent filter system with the metal insert way back in 1965. She has been smoking all her adult life and has never had the slightest problem with her lungs, no morning cough, no problems at all. This may be due to her metabolism in part, but I have always been convinced that the Targard filter was the main reason she never developed any of the usual problems that smokers have. "

"Cigarettes have chemicals that must not be good for and it is, of course, better to not smoke at all. However, for those who can't quit, the Targuard system is, I believe, a good alternative. I commend Targard and the inventor of this product for it's quality and success!"

J. Nugent

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Friday, June 12, 2009

You asked us what we like about TarGard so here goes :)

My family (mother, daughter, me and my son-in-law) started using the small disposable ones about a month ago. We all love them!

I like these filters because the smoke seem cleaner or something. And something I did not know - the tar in cigarettes must be the stuff that makes your clothes and room stink after smoking. My clothes don't smell like I've been smoking anymore!! My daughter thought I was crazy when I told her, but then she decided to test this by smoking a cigarette (without a TarGard filter) and go back inside. She said she couldn't believe how badly her clothes smelled! So I told her....mother's are usually right!

Anyway, thank you for making the filters - I wish I would have known about them 35 years ago!

Liz from Columbia, MO

Thanks Liz for sharing with us!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Would you smoke without a TarGard?

Have you seen a TarGard in action?
Witnessed the black grossness that fills up the filter?
Got a little excited when you realized that the big black ball of grossness was not going into your lungs?

I don't promote smoking in the least, but I do support having healthier way of smoking for those of us that still choose to puff away.....knowing what the filter can do or does for you would you EVER smoke without a TarGard?

"I discovered Targard whilst on holiday in Spain. I can't tell you the difference it has made to my universal 'bad habit'. I have cut down and my friends are always gob smacked when the see a used filter! It converts them just looking at the gunk!" - Cherie from Rugby, UK

"I was shocked by the amount of tar and funk it collected. I have recruited about 8 people to try the filters and every one of them is now a targard user. I will NOT smoke without them." - Chris

"I've been using the filters for 20 years and would not smoke without them. You can see just how much tar and nicotine goes into the filter and not into your lungs!" - Marshall S.

These are just 3 of TarGard's loyal users.....what about you?........

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Friday, May 8, 2009

....and the TarGard takes care of the rest!

Happy Friday! We are enjoying the sunshine here in Traverse City, Michigan - it's about time that spring arrived!

Today's post is brought to us by Dan, a loyal TarGard user. Here is Dan's words to you:

I've been a smoker for 30 years, and I've always tried to minimize my exposure to the harmful effects. In the past this meant smoking "low tar" brands and attempting to limit myself to 5 cigarettes a day. First, the problem with "low tar" cigarettes is they just don't taste very good. The reason is simple: they achieve reductions in tar and nicotine not by removing these substances, but by mixing outside air with the smoke. The problem with this is that when you mix air with tobacco smoke it becomes dry, harsh and bitter tasting. I also struggled to keep myself at 5 a day!

I'd gradually smoke more and more until I was up to 10 a day. Then I'd start feeling the effects - namely a "cigarette cough". So I'd quit altogether for a few months, then return to it and then cycle would start all over again.

After 3 decades of this, it was time for a change. After some experimentation, I've finally come up with something that really works. I roll my own cigarettes using air-cured Virginia tobacco, which is naturally lower in tar and nicotine. To this I add a 15mm cellulose filter. Then I tip the whole thing with a TarGard original disposable filter. The cellulose removes some of the tar and nicotine and the TarGard takes care of the rest!

The result: a smoke which is exceptionally mile and delightfully flavorful!

The benefits of the dramatically low tar of these cigarettes were immediately apparent - no irritation of the mouth, throat or lungs. But I've also noticed a considerable side benefit: since these smokes contain very little nicotine, I'm no longer addicted. Looking back, what always drove my cycles of escalating use was the craving for nicotine.

I now smoke 3 cigarettes a day - one with my morning coffee, one after lunch and one in the evening. And I'm never bothered by nicotine cravings!! Finally, something that really works and the TarGard is what's made it possible!

What a great, educational post! Thanks Dan!

This is what works for Dan - what works for you?? Let me know by e-mailing me at khoxie@venturi-inc.com

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrate Spring with TarGard!

Say Adios to Frosty and Hello to the Sunshine!!

Come on over to TarGard and celebrate with us -

offering free shipping on all orders shipping within the US.
Just use the promotional code: SPRING09 at checkout.

Here is the favorite TarGard quote of the week from Mike H.:

"Before I used TarGard filters, cigarettes left a strange feeling in the back of my throat, so smoking was not enjoyable. I decided to try out a permanent filter from you guys and cigarettes no longer leave that tar feeling in my throat and it's a great conversation starter at parties!!"

What do you like about TarGard?? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail at khoxie@venturi-inc.com.

And in case you missed it, check out the awesome video we launched a few weeks ago and Meet Mariam now!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I still have my 1st TarGard! Do you??

It has been a long and cold winter here in Northern Michigan! All of us at TarGard have been huddled up in our offices, shipping orders and avoiding the outside world where we often had at least a foot of snow covering the ground at most times. Well, we are so glad this winter is almost over. We are looking forward to coming out of our snow covered cocoon and to bring you new TarGard deals this spring - keep your eyes open for some great deals coming soon!

With that said I wish all of you a Happy Spring!

Today I am sharing with you a fun TarGard Story from Robert E., a user of TarGard for over 40 years, from Las Vegas where I hear he has an amazing career as an impersonator! He impersonates some of Hollywood's beloved singers and actors such as Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin, but Robert is most well known for being one of the top impersonators of Dean Martin in the country - amazing!

In Robert's own words....here is his story....

I started using TarGard when I tried them at a tobacco shop I worked at in 1969....in Berkeley...during the riots of UC Berkeley. I tried the Aqua-filter, but it smelled awful after 1-2 cigarettes and I gave up on that product.

As a matter of experimentation, I tried ALL the products on the market, and I stayed with TarGard. The TarGard contained the order and was the easiest to clean and/or replace.

I STILL have my 1st TarGard, somewhere. I graduated to the disposable many years later.

I ALWAYS get comments about my cigarette filter attached to my cigarette. I am known for my unique "style" when smoking.

Thank you for sharing Robert!!

I love, love, love to hear your stories, so send me some more! Do you still have your 1st TarGard?? Remember the 1st time you used a TarGard?? If you do, please e-mail me at khoxie@venturi-inc.com - to share your story.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TarGard Listens to...YOU!

You've been asking and we are listening!

I've gotten a lot of requests to post more TarGard stories, so today I give you not one....not two....BUT 3 MORE loyal user stories. Enjoy!

First up is Linda L. from the great state of Nevada. Linda is currently working as a bookkeeper in Sparks, Nevada and enjoys taking care of her garden and horses on her ranch. She has been smoking for many years and has been using the Amber Disposable Filters for the last twelve years.

Before trying TarGard, she tried Aquafilter, but did not like that you had to "blow the water out and it didn't last very long." She then discovered our cigarette filters at her local smoke shop and decided to give cigarette filters one more try. Linda absolutely loves the fact that "all that junk isn't in my lungs!".

Linda's best advice to you is "it's much healthier for you if you do choose to smoke."

Our next TarGard story comes from Freeda M. out of Tyler, Texas. She is enjoying her retirement and love to sew and make jewelry.

Freeda has been using the Cartridge Filter System for over 20 years!! Here is what she has to say:

"I like the idea about cutting down the tar. I feel that they do what they say they will do - you still get the full benefit of smoking WITHOUT the tar."

Up third is Jeanie M. from Weston, West Virginia. She has been using the Amber Filters for about 14 or 15 years. This is what Jeanie has to share with us:

"A friend of mine got me to use the filters. I tried them and have used them ever since. They prevent soreness in my chest and throat. I am a chain smoker, but I do not have a smoker's cough. There is never any burning feeling in my mouth. I think they make a cigarette taste better and I won't smoke without them!"

I thank all 3 of these lovely women for sharing their thoughts and stories about TarGard! I, like many other loyal users, enjoy hearing how others discovered TarGard or why they recommend it. These are the stories that inspire people who have NEVER tried a TarGard to try one.

If you have a TarGard story to share e-mail it to me at khoxie@venturi-inc.com.

Have a great day!

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